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STEP iN TUB Walk-in BathTubs provide Senior & ADA Handicap Accessible bathing solutions for the home and assisted living facilities. The STEP iN TUB offers affordable luxury, safety and comfort for your personal bathing independence and overall quality of life.


The superior design of the STEP iN TUB will transform any bathroom into the ultimate spa experience for elderly and handicapped bathing in complete freedom and security. STEP iN TUB walk in bathtubs come fully equipped with many safety features like the secure door system, grab bars and Anti Slip seat and floor. While the Hydrotherapy jets provide relaxing comfort.


Our courteous staff of professionals can help you select the STEP iN TUB bathing solution for your particular needs. Call us at 1-858-300-4540 for immediate assistance. Learn more about selecting a quality Walk In Bath that can provide you with an exceptionally safe and beneficial bathing experience.

STEP iN Tub Walk-in Bathtubs

Phone: (866) 455-0720 |